GTC Force has many years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of pressure equipment and systems.
We operate in various industries where pressure is present or it is necessary to deliver installations or equipment to transport specific.
Our customers are mainly, but not exclusively, companies from oil and gas, power and chemical industries.
For many years we have been dealing with compressor packaging. Our designers and technicians have already completed over a dozen of compressor projects.
The equipment(most CE marked)  is manufactured in our plant in Grabownica where we also prefabricate elements of installations to be later assembled by our Site Team at the customer's site.
We realize turnkey projects, covering the construction, processing, electric and automation sectors.
We focus on new technologies and organizational solutions, constantly improving manufacturing processes thru both new production methods and new equipment.
We also work on our own solutions being a part of development work.We are open to cooperation in other areas, we are not afraid of challenges.
We believe that customer success is our success.