Compressor units are used to compress and transfer natural gas from a lower pressure pipeline to a higher pressure gas pipeline.In cooperation with the suppliers of internal combustion engines and electric motors and based on reciprocating and screw compressors, we offer new compressor units with auxiliary equipment fully suited for operation in automatic mode with the possibility of manual control.

The compressor unit can be built either on a skid and housed in a container or as a stationary unit, and it may include:

  • reciprocating or screw compressor,
  • combustion (natural gas) engine or e-motor,
  • anti-pulsation gas discharge system,
  • unit vibration control system,
  • water and engine oil cooling system,
  • compressor oil cooling system,
  • fuel gas system,
  • oil refilling system,
  • oil and water pre-heating system,
  • soundproof enclosure,
  • fire detection and extinguishing system based on inert gases or CO2,
  • gas detection system,
  • exhaust system with silencer in exhaust manifold and chimney,
  • engine air intake and filtration system with silencer,
  • suction gas filtration system: filters and  coalescers,
  • gas discharge capacity control system,
  • gas consumption metering system
  • interstage separator and final oil separator,
  • vent column,
  • check, shut off and safety valves,
  • engine fuel and startup system,
  • control system of individual engine cylinders.

We realize projects tailored to individual requirements of the client.


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